Guide To Fertising

Correct fertilising

Usually two fertiliser applications (spring & late summer) per year are enough, provided that cuttings are not regularly returned to the lawn through mulch mowing. Nutrients are essential for the grass, especially nitrogen (N), which promotes cell division and consequently the formation of every part of the plant. Good lawn fertilisers contain additional potassium, for fortification against disease and phosphorous, for the promotion of root growth, in well-balanced proportions.
The lawn should also be scarified before the fertiliser is applied, so it is easier for nutrients to reach the soil. It is recommended to allow the lawn to grow a little before effectively applying fertiliser.
the fertiliser should never be applied in direct sunlight and before or during long hard frost. After fertilising, water thoroughly and generously. The lawn should be mown a few days after the application of fertiliser. Remember the golden rule of fertilising: everything in moderation … like so much in life.

Attention: Do not use nitrogen fertiliser during autumn.