About VIKING garden power tools

Innovation for over 30 years

About Us

Set in the inspiring environment of the Austrian Tyrol, there are around 400 people working on our extensive range of garden power tools at our VIKING Competence Centre.

Our in-house experts develop each and every garden power tool in the VIKING range. Our products are characterised by innovative design and advanced technology and for their genuine ease and comfort in use.

The VIKING brand is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality garden power tools in Europe and our machines regularly come out on top in product tests. Even more important than the experts' opinion, however, is the feedback from our customers. If they get enjoyment out of their garden because of our machines' ease of use and efficiency in helping them care for them, then we have achieved our goal.

VIKING – proudly part of the STIHL group

VIKING – proudly part of the STIHL group

The quality Austrian lawnmower brand from STIHL.
Our history

Our history

Over 30 years of dedication: An exciting look back.

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