The quality Austrian lawnmower brand from STIHL.

VIKING – proudly part of the STIHL group

Developed in the Austrian Tyrol mountains, STIHL products are built to be better than the competition.

They're designed for the toughest jobs. They're made from components that withstand the test of time. And they utilise the latest technology so they're easy to use and guarantee terrific results.

The best lawn care possible doesn't come about by chance.

It happens when engineers, designers and gardening experts come together. It happens when you've been perfecting gardening machinery for over 35 years. It happens when a team of nationwide experts are on hand to support you.

It happens when you choose STIHL.


To prove you're the best you need to be tested. That's why STIHL runs rigorous real-world trials of every new machine. Year after year, independent testers and panels of experts have awarded STIHL for our design, innovation and the standard of excellence of our machines


Using the latest technology and the highest-quality materials, our mowers are designed upon aeronautical principles for maximum airflow and movement. STIHL mowers will not only ensure a perfect uniform cut, but are also built to last.


The knowledge and dedication of each and every one of our STIHL Approved Dealers is second to none. This ensures you receive the advice, quality and personal service that you and your garden deserve.


We're confident in the quality of our products which is why our mowers have a 5 year warranty*.
*Domestic use, subject to product registration and annual servicing


Our unique blade, deck and grass catcher box help our lawn mowers cut, collect and compact clippings until they've completely filled the box. The airflow system is specially designed so you can mow grass through dry summers and damp autumns.

VIKING, proudly part of STIHL

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