• VIKING Lithium-Ion battery lawn mowers

    VIKING Lithium-Ion battery lawn mowers // Cut the cord - mow your lawn with ease

    Powerful, lightweight and manoeuvrable cordless lawn mowers. Mowing is cleaner and quieter without losing any of the mowing performance you expect from VIKING. As part of the STIHL cordless system the battery is interchangeable with many STIHL cordless tools which makes for quick work of all the garden chores.
  • For intelligent lawn care

    For intelligent lawn care // VIKING iMow robotic lawn mower

    Looking for the perfect lawn? Look no further than the VIKING iMow robotic mower. Fast and efficient iMow is fully automatic and always cuts your lawn to the same height. The clever mulching system finely shreds the grass cuttings so they fall back into the lawn as a valuable natural fertiliser.
  • Garden shredders

    Garden shredders // VIKING shredders. The right choice for every garden job.

    Turn autumn leaves, tree & hedge cuttings and plant trimmings into nature's gold by recycling them at home as compost or mulch. High quality VIKING shredders chop up all kinds of garden waste: unwieldy branches and bushy twigs are quickly chopped up into easy-to-handle plant residue.

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